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Rheem Water Heater BOOSTER™ -



The new Rheem® Water Heater Booster helps amp up the performance of traditional gas or electric tank water heaters by up to 45%. Need to squeeze in another shower in the morning? Or give your tank water heater more horsepower for holiday guests? Give your current water heater a boost with our new Booster.

  • Adds up to 45% capacity1 to water heater tanks, increasing the amount of available hot water and allowing longer hot showers
  • Saves Energy -Vacation Mode and Eco Mode features allow switching off power to the tank when it isn’t needed, saving energy on water heating
  • Saves Money -Requires only a one-pro install, takes as little as 45 minutes, and Vacation Mode helps save money on energy bills
  • Saves Space  Installed on an existing tank or mounted nearby on the wall, it gives a 50-gal. tank the capacity of an 80-gal. tank, without taking up more space

HOW IT WORKS: Booster installs directly to the hot water outlet of a tank, senses the outlet temperature and starts heating water when the tank’s outlet temp drops below the booster’s set activation point.

Gas Installation

Electic Installation

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