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76-ARX Stainless Steel Actuator Ready

76-ARX Stainless Steel Actuator Ready

76-ARX Series

Threaded, 1/4”-1” 2000 psig WOG, 1-1/4”-2” 1500 psig WOG, 2-1/2”-3” 1000 psig WOG. (See referenced P/T chart) Cold Non-Shock. 250 psig Saturated Steam. Vacuum Service to 29 inches Hg. Federal Specification: WW-V-35C, Type: II, Composition: SS, Style: 3. MSS SP-110; Ball Valves Threaded, Socket-Welding, Solder Joint, Grooved and Flared Ends.


  • Multi-piece packing set
  • Blow-out-proof stem design
  • SO 5211 mounting pad
  • Adjustable packing gland
  • Live loaded packing
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