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Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

The System

  • Closed loop glycol design
  • Single and double collector systems
  • Included: Solaraide™ HE tank, collectors, controller, adjustable pump, mixing valve, glycol solution, thermal expansion tank (for glycol loop)
  • Sold separately: 18 AGW sensor wire, tilt mount kits(consult factory for mounting options)
  • OG-300 Certification by SRCC (Pending on RS80-40BP model)

    The Heat Exchanger Tank

  • All models have at least 40 gallons of hot water storage at all times
  • Double wall heat exchanger – copper tubing wrap-around design
  • Single element backup heating source
  • 3/4" Water and collector loop connections

    The Collectors

  • Flat plate design
  • Black paint absorber coating
  • OG-100 certified by SRCC
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